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    FREE Stress Releasing Yoga Videos 

Have you ever felt the effects of stress in your body? 

Maybe it's lower back pain, tight hips, stiffness in the jaw, neck, hunched shoulder and/or a constricted chest? Maybe you are prone to fatigue?

When we experience stress, it's not just mental or emotional. Stress literally gets stuck in our bodies.

But here's the good news....

Morning Routine Yoga Challenge.jpeg

The good news is that you can build inner awareness to notice your body's signs and release stress that's being stored within the body.

Physical activity (especially yoga) is the first line of attack in the battle to towards beating burnout.

I've got 5 videos for you to try out- each video is few minutes long and targets one common area where stress gets stored - 1. jaw, neck, face 2. shoulders & chest 3. diaphragm & lungs 4. gut & stomach 5. pelvic floor & hips.


Receive 5 Yoga Snacks (5 mins Video) To Release Stress In 5 Common Areas In The Body

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