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Morning Routine


Build a Daily Morning Ritual for Optimal Health and Performance  

Live Zoom Yoga Classes; Thrice A Week; 7:30 am to 8:30 am

Starts Wednesday, 2nd April, 2022 

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Does it sound like you?

" I struggle to wake up early enough in the morning to have a proper self-care routine.
My job mentally drains me and I often don't feel like doing yoga after work either." 

There are three mistakes I see when business leaders try to overcome workplace stress  

  • They overlook the value of an energizing morning routine to stay focused, inspired and effective. 

  • They don't build accountability to practice a healthy habit. They solely rely on discipline that can lead to inconsistencies. 

  • They don't prioritize self-care 

Waking up can often be most difficult and dreaded part of the day but for most high-achieving executives, an intentional morning routine is transformational to their health, mindset and financial success. 

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 I’m a firm believer in making the ONE decision that makes 90% of all other decisions, and that’s exactly what establishing a morning routine can do.

- Editor in Chief of Women’s Health Magazine; Author of Own Your Mornings



  • Starting the day feeling unrushed, inspired, nourished and energized. 

  • Feeling energetic and more focused throughout the day.

  • Having a better handle on how you respond to stressors at work.

  • Expanding pockets of joy in your daily living.

After all the choices we make every day depends on the intentions we set in the mornings.

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morning routine classes

This program is PERFECT for you if...

  • You wake up to rushed and/or froggy mornings. 

  • You find yourself running on fumes at the end of day.

  • Struggle with discipline and/or consistency 

  • Want to have an inspiring morning routine

  • Feel like you are in a rut (routine wise) and want to shake things up / feel more alive. 

Sometimes we can't control what happens in our day but we can control how we run our mornings.


Starts on monday, 2 april 2022. 

  • 5 Weeks Program. 

  • Live Zoom Classes on Monday, Wednesday & Friday 

  • Classes are for ALL levels; includes meditation, breathworth and yoga flows. 

  • 7:30 AM - 8:30 AM ET 

  • 450 C$  (30$ per class) 

Additional benefits: 

  • Recorded classes + Accountability for those outside US/Toronto time zone or in case you missed a class

  • A community of like-minded practitioners for added support 


I loved my morning online classes with Juzbi. I felt a renewed sense of confidence seeing my body get stronger and mind calmer. The best part is I didn't have to think about fitting yoga during the day! 

- Dabeera Chabbra, Brand Strategist & Marketing Consultant, Vancouver 


Generate the endorphins and positive energy needed to set yourself up for success for the rest of the day 

Get physically fitter & primed for deep work

Flower Arrangement 4
Flower Arrangement 4
Warrior One

Build a sustainable morning practice by keeping you accountable. 

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Juzbi has this amazing ability to make the classes challenging AND accessible. I truly felt alive & joyous to see my asanas improve. Plus I love how she interweaves yoga philosophy into a movement class.



- Danielle Penton,  Chief Compliance Officer

Abu Dhabi   

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​#1. I am new to yoga OR have a strong practice. Will the series meet my needs?

Like, yes! I provide enough variations to make it challenging and accessible for everyone. And I see what support you need along the way.

#2. I can't imagine spending another hour on Zoom! 

You can treat it as a podcast and only listen to my cues. The experience will be as rewarding. 

#3. I'm not sure if I can commit to a 5 week program as waking an hour earlier will be hard.. 

This is not for everyone, so it's okay if you want to pass this off.


This is for people who want an inspiring yoga-centered morning routine and believe that solid morning routines have a direct link to success & joy. 


It is also for those who may already have a solid morning routine, but want to experiment and shake things up. 

Q4. If I fall off the wagon during the series, will I get a refund?

Nope. This will affect my business and your motivation to stay accountable. However, I will take exceptional circumstances into consideration. 

How you spend your morning can often tell what kind of day you'll have.

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Getting the first few hours of the day right has a dramatic effect on what comes later. I feel healthier, happier and more productive, when I exercise in the morning.

- Sherry Lansing, the former president of 20th century Fox Film Corporation 

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