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     From Burned Out To Blissful 

 A corporate gal who took to teaching yoga


I was an over-worked communications consultant servicing high-profile government clients in the UAE that frankly left me overwhelmed and depleted on most days. The main problem wasn't my career choice but my inability to recognise the signs of burnout combined with sheer ineffectiveness in taking care of myself. 

And then one fine day, I decided to give this yoga thing a try - just cause I did not know how else to help myself. 

I started out with only 5 minutes of daily yoga and enrolled for classes in a studio on weekends. Overtime, my practice grew longer and stronger and so did my ability to regulate my emotional responses to stressors.

It is still wild to me that ultimately, it was Yoga that helped alleviate the stifling overwhelm of daily life. 


My leap into teaching...

It took me a bit of self-enquiry work and tons of white space to make the leap to teaching. I found a deep sense of meaning and fulfillment in sharing my love for yoga in a way that could help many women just like me find peace and joy. Women who are accomplished, driven, leaders, nurturers and care-takers but also know what's it like when life gets you frazzled. 

The fact that I could help proactive, high-functioning, high-achieving career women effectively manage their energy, mood and well-being through yoga felt instantaneously rewarding. 


And rest is the history.

Yoga is a complex yet profoundly simple practice: the goal of yoga is to reduce human suffering.


The entire philosophy rests on helping to transcend the afflictions of ignorance, ego, attachment, aversion & fear of death.

Asanas or physical postures of yoga combined with breathwork (which I am trained to teach) enables aspirants to experience the connecting link between body and breath, breath and mind, mind and soul.. This keeps the body healthy and the mind one-pointed - and only 
when the body is healthy and the mind one-pointed and inward does a person have a chance to discover the inner dimensions of life.


What I love most about yoga is that it prioritizes one's' own lived experience of the practice as the best and most reliable source of knowledge. 

Having found renewed sense of productivity, joy & fulfillment through this practice, I've made it my mission to help overburdened women not only prevent burnout but also rediscover joy in their daily lives - by simply stepping on their mat one day at a time. 

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