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About Corporate Classes


Juzbi provides online as well as on-site corporate classes for the City of Toronto. These classes are customised for businesses of any size and tailored to meet the corporate client’s needs.

Yoga in the workplace can vary in length, format and time of the day. For instance, classes can be held in the morning, at lunchtime or as a way to wind down after work. 

Some of the common benefits include reduction in lower back pain, neck, shoulder tension as well as reduced stress levels. Also, included are breathwork, mindfulness and relaxation techniques. 

Employers have had success in addressing the wellness needs of their employees and reducing the turnover rate by introducing programs like yoga classes 

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   This Program Is Right For Your Company If 

You believe that movement and mindfulness techniques 

provide many wellness benefits to your employees. 

You want a yoga teacher that addresses specific needs and  delivers real and tangible results.

You want to empower your employees to embrace self-care and create a program that improves their mental and physical health.

You believe to create or develop a corporate wellness program that reduces stress and prevents burnout amongst employees while building a stronger community work environment.

Companies can choose either of these options: 

1. Full subsidy: Employer offers the classes free of charge to the employee.

2. Partial subsidy: Class fee is shared by employee and employer. (recommended) 

3. Hosting: Employer offers a space in the office for the class time or an online slot during the workday and employees individually pay for classes. I always recommend a 6, 8, 12 week series for classes. Session must be paid for in advance and the 24 hr notice cancellation policy applies to all class.

PRICE:  $120 for single one-time class; $100 for regular, weekly classes.

Frequency and format of the classes can be customised. 

4 Steps To Creating Your Company's Yoga Program:

1. Meet & Greet 

2. Free Introductory Session

3. Employee Interest Survey 

4. Customised Yoga Program 

I'll come to your office or meet you online for a 30 minutes conversation on how I can best meet the needs of your organisation. 

We will set-up a time that is convenient to the majority of their employees to try out their first yoga class

I will provide you with a survey for your employees to determine how many are interested in yoga at your company. {Your company will then decide if enough employees are interested to make the investment}

I will provide you with a customised yoga program based on your company's goals and needs as discussed in the first meeting. 

Interested in having Yoga at your workplace, virtually or in-person? Contact Juzbi 

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