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3 Step Plan + 5 Yoga Videos 

Refuel My Energy Series 

Learn how to skilfully expand and renew energy to avoid getting burned out  
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If you find yourself pushing harder and harder no matter the cost then this series is designed for you. 

When demand exceeds our capacity, the only way to thrive is to balance intense effort with regular renewal. While time is a finite resource, energy (defined as the 'capacity to work' ) can be expanded and renwend. And knowing how to manage ones' energy is how we meet the rising demand of an increasingly complex businessworld. 

My simple and easy REST & REFUEL yoga series will teach you how to systematically meet your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual (significance) needs to enjoy a satisfying and productive day - both on and off the job. 

Price: 10$ Only

What's Included In Refuel Your Energy Series

  • 5 X 20 mins yoga videos to Insert Into newly created Energy management rituals 

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